Advantages of Enrollment

Landowner partners, their properties, and the local environment can all benefit from enrollment in our program. Each property and conservation project is unique, and some additional benefits may not be explicitly outlined below and some benefits may apply to varying degrees. To learn more about what benefits your specific property may gain from enrollment in our program, contact us!


Earn Passive Income

Magnolia’s landowner partners receive competitive monetary compensation on a per-acre basis for land enrolled in our program. Payments are typically made as a lump sum but can be spread out over several years if necessary.


Maintain full property ownership

Magnolia’s landowner partners fully own the land enrolled in our program. There is no transfer of ownership of any areas of their property, nor are there any requirements to hold or sell the property in the future.


Maintain subsurface rights

Our conservation programs place no restrictions on subsurface or mineral rights, so our landowner-partners maintain the ability to extract any minerals on their land. However, it should be noted that extraction processes that impact the surface of the conservation area are restricted.


Insure against natural disasters

For each of our projects, we set aside a considerable sum of money in an endowment fund as a form of insurance. These dollars are to be used to improve or restore the ecological resources in the conservation area in the event of natural disaster, such as a fire or tornado.


Reduce tax liability

Landowner partners often enjoy reduced property taxes once their land is conserved. We encourage our landowner partners to have their land reassessed following execution of the easement, and we’re happy to assist to this end.


Maintain privacy (no public access)

Land enrolled in our program remains private property. Landowner partners are not required (nor encouraged) to open their property to public access. All we ask is that landowners allow our private team of biologists to conduct a once-yearly check-in to ensure ecosystem health.


Customize unique conservation area

Landowners have the option to exclude particular areas of their property from the conservation area. We pride ourselves on working with landowners to design a unique conversation plan that fits within their plan for the land.


Improve recreational opportunities

Land enrolled in our program often becomes more conducive to high-quality recreational activities such as hunting, trapping, hiking, and others. Landowners maintain full hunting and recreational rights, which can be leased to others if desired.


Enhance local environment

Lands enrolled in our program, as well as surrounding land areas, often receive positive ecological benefits such as increased health of wildlife, improved water quality, and strengthened ecosystem services. Conserved land becomes a sanctuary for plants and wildlife that may be threatened or endangered in the local environment. By participating in our program, landowners may help to save a variety of species from extinction.


Sell property at anytime

Landowner partners can sell or transfer their property at any time, including the land area enrolled in our program. Note that the land remains conserved when it is sold, and new owners are expected to use the property in a manner that is consistent with the terms of the easement. Many of the benefits outlined above (such as privacy, species protection, enhanced recreation, etc.) also remain with the land when transfer occurs.


To learn more about benefits, please reach out to our land management team.