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Environmental regulations such as the Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act have long attempted to balance economic considerations with those of our planet. In order to achieve a "no-net loss" of important natural resources, developers are increasingly turning to ecological offsets to meet compliance needs for key projects. Magnolia, with its portfolio of approved mitigation and conservation banks, along with strong stakeholder relationships, is well positioned in the market to help project developers achieve compliance.


What is Mitigation?

At its core, mitigation aims to balance the needs of economic development with the important job of preserving our world’s finite natural resources. In the United States, project developers may be required by federal, state, or local regulations to address the unavoidable environmental impacts of their proposed infrastructure. The process by which restoration and/or conservation occurs to offset these impacts is called mitigation. Magnolia engages in the ecological restoration, enhancement, and protection of critical lands to generate mitigation credits, and these credits or approved projects are made available to developers needing to offset their unavoidable environmental impacts. We promote a healthier and more sustainable approach to development that balances economic growth with the spirit of environmental stewardship.

Challenges for Developers

Solutions from Magnolia

Environmental permitting challenges can slow or even halt projects. Efficiently addressing unavoidable environmental impacts is a critical component to successful and timely project delivery. By leveraging the expertise and project footprint of a firm uniquely focussed on delivering ecological offsets at scale, project developers are able to achieve environmental compliance.

We develop high-quality ecological offsets throughout the United States and make credits available to businesses needing to mitigate their unavoidable environmental impacts. For particularly complex projects, we are able to craft turn-key mitigation solutions by leveraging our strong relationships with federal, state, and local environmental entities, private landowners, and other stakeholders.

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