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Analyst - Philadelphia, PA; Chicago, IL

Core mission: Support management team on key decisions and operating functions.

Requirements: Bachelors degree; background in biology, environmental studies, or economics preferred; GIS competency strongly preferred.

Responsibilities: Analyze large datasets to make strategic decisions about new markets and market expansion, support daily operations of land and regulatory operations, communicate with consultants, engineers, and landowners as necessary, frequent interface with chief officers of the company.


Lead Ecologist - Philadelphia, PA

Core mission: Develop restoration and conservation sites from initial design to final construction

Requirements: Bachelors degree, background in biology, environmental studies, or ecology; GIS proficiency required; 2+ years of consulting or engineering experience preferred; frequent travel to mitigation bank sites.

Responsibilities: Manage restoration sites across the Northeast and Midwest regions; oversee design, construction, and maintenance of stream, wetland, and endangered species sites including all sub-contracting necessary to successfully permit and conserve offsets in perpetuity.


Please submit a resume & letter of interest to info@mitigation.org

Doesn't sound like you? We are always interested in hearing from candidates with an interest in environmental studies, finance, engineering, or business development.